Disaster Legal Help Victoria

Disaster checklist

Your five-point plan for being legally prepared

1. Make sure your insurance is up to date and covers you for things like fires, storms and floods, and that you are fully insured for the complete value of your property

2. Create an inventory list (photos optional), describing your home or business premises and other assets, such as machinery, stock or jewellery, along with their value and condition

3. Get your important documents together such as wills, titles, rental contracts, birth certificates, passport, insurance documents, Centrelink or Medicare paperwork

4. Put your documents kit in a weather-proof place, such as a fireproof safe at home, a safety deposit box, email them to yourself or store electronic or hard copies at a different location

5. Keep a list of emergency contacts you may need for dealing with recovery from a natural disaster, including:

Disaster Legal Help Victoria on 1800 113 432 or your local Community Legal Centre – contact details and locations can be found at https://www.fclc.org.au/find_a_community_legal_centre.

Download the five-point plan poster:

Reviewed 21 December 2021