Crises or emergency accommodation

Crises and emergency accommodation is available for people who are:

  • experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • escaping family violence
  • experiencing another emergency

Crisis and emergency accommodation is provided by a range of specialist services and in locations throughout Victoria.

First point of contact

Individuals can call the 24-hour statewide toll free number 1800 825 955 to speak with a housing and support worker. This number will direct your call to the service closest to you. If the call is made outside business hours, your call will be directed to the Salvation Army Crises Services. 

You can also visit the Victorian Government Department of Human Services (DHS) website's Crises Accommodation page ( 

Specific services by location

If you are homeless, a list of accommodation and support services by location is available via the Victorian Government Department of Human Services (DHS) website ( 

Family and Domestic Violence Crises Service

Safe Steps (formerly the Women's Domestic Violence Crises Service) provides crises telephone counselling, information and support 24 hours a day on 1800 015 188 (toll free). The service arranges referrals to support and accommodation services across Victoria for women and their children who are experiencing family and domestic violence.

Public housing

The DHS provides public and community housing support for low-income Victorians. If you are seeking longer-term accommodation, you can make an application for public housing. Public housing is targeted to those most in need, but it is not available as emergency accommodation. Eligible applicants are placed on one of the waiting lists, depending on their circumstances.